Ecological gold ring - Bracteate Collection by Hargreaves Stockholm

Why ethical jewellery?

We created Hargreaves Stockholm as an ethical fine jewellery brand that not only focuses on creating beautiful, wearable pieces but on making those pieces as responsibly and as ethically as possible.

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Our products.

Our pieces blend Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines with reminders of our distant heritage. We create timeless, solid, tactile pieces that are made by our small team of skilled craftspeople using both traditional and cutting edge techniques. 


We believe in change...

To launch our brand, we commissioned a wonderful film showcasing our jewellery and describing our ethos.

We are still very proud of it now...- why not take a few minutes out of your busy day and watch? 

At Hargreaves Stockholm we carefully select the finest materials from the most responsible sources. Wherever possible we use Fairmined Ecological gold and Fairmined silver. We focus on using laboratory grown stones, primarily diamonds grown using a revolutionary method that harnesses solar power to create diamonds with zero carbon footprint. It is important to us to promote real diamonds that are cultivated without the human and environmental toll of mining.

Every element of our process is extensively researched to ensure we use responsible materials and practices. We want to ensure our packaging is as responsible as possible and that our manufacturing techniques and choices we make on a daily basis are the most environmentally responsible option, even down to the tea and coffee we drink, in our world everything matters...

How are we ethical?

Hargreaves_Stockholm_Ethical Orange Packaging.jpg

Our packaging

Our beautiful ethical jewellery is sold all over the globe, we’ve shipped glittery things to a whole host of countries; All of them lovingly packaged in our luxury ecologically sourced chocolatey dark walnut wooden box and thick coffee coloured bag all printed with our signature “Hargreaves Hare” logo and tied off with a luxurious orange ribbon, it really is the perfect gift!

What sets us apart?

We don't just offer ethics as an option, it is the backbone of our brand.

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