Our Story…


Hargreaves Stockholm

Launched at Stockholm Fashion Week in 2017, Hargreaves Stockholm has quickly become known as a fine jewellery brand with ethics and quality at its heart.

Their designs combine clean Scandinavian lines, the smooth weight and feel of solid precious metals and Jemima Hargreaves’ now signature scatter of responsibly sourced diamonds and coloured stones.

The feeling of holding something that could be made of magic or even a piece of the stars themselves in your own hand is like nothing else.

That connection is created with absolute passion and skill wrought in responsibly sourced 18k gold and beautifully set with carefully selected diamonds and gemstones in Stockholm, Sweden.

A magpie since birth, perhaps even more so now, Jemima Hargreaves loves anything that glitters and sparkles;

her favourite and the inspiration for many of the pieces she creates are the small glass topped boxes of diamonds and stones she has collected over the last 20 years of her career as a Master Goldsmith.

Impressive enough on their own, when mixed together the stones sparkle in the nordic sunlight with their deep and varied rainbow tones, sparking memories of the Swedish coast and forests that Jemima now calls home.

Jemima Hargreaves

Jemima is an apprentice trained Master Goldsmith, qualified DGA in 2005 (Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association),

with 20 years experience in the fine jewellery industry. She has managed generations-old traditional workshops, fast-fashion production and boutique businesses, consulted for some of Europe's longest standing jewellery companies and has created pieces and managed projects for royalty, celebrities and private collectors.

“The fine jewellery trade is steeped in a wonderful tradition, this doesn't mean that it has to stagnate,

new possibilities open with every piece of new technology and every new discovery.

It has become clear that a consumer should be assured that products they eat, clothe themselves in and adorn themselves with, are produced responsibly, ecologically and ethically.

Every industry has a responsibility to look after their corner of the world, the jewellery industry is no exception, regardless of its tradition.”

How are we ethical?

We don’t just offer ethics as an option, it is the backbone of our brand…

At Hargreaves Stockholm we carefully select the finest materials from the most responsible sources.

Wherever possible we use 100% recycled gold and silver, Fairmined Ecological gold and Fairmined silver.

We use precious stones carefully selected by professional gemmologists according to severe quality controls.

We guarantee conflict-free diamonds purchased from official retailers in agreement with the resolutions of The United Nations.

We strive to use responsibly sourced stones from Australian or Canadian mines where possible and we have also partnered with Diamond Foundry to offer lab-grown stones of the same quality as an alternative to mined stones on request

Every element of our process is extensively researched to ensure we use responsible materials and practices.

We want to ensure our packaging is as responsible as possible and that our manufacturing techniques and choices we make on a daily basis are the most environmentally responsible option,

in our world everything matters...


Why do we use Fairmined metals?

The issues in mining for gold and other precious minerals have been widely reported and discussed for their role in the following:

fuelling conflict

environmental destruction

mercury Poisoning

health and safety of workers

gender inequality

economic exploitation

impact on communities

There is a growing voice for change from inside the industry and a desire to have a supply chain to be proud of.

Artisanal and small-scale mining employs 90% of the workforce behind gold extraction and is responsible for 10% of global production.

With the right support and incentives small community mining organizations offer the greatest opportunity for positive social and environmental impact.

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM).

It is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification and audit system that ensures that small entrepreneurial mining communities meet world leading Standards for responsible practices. Fairmined transforms mining into an active force for good, delivering social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold they can be proud of.


Non-mined stones in collaboration with the Diamond Foundry…

in a revolutionary process Diamond Foundry re-creates how THE Earth forms diamonds.

THEIR production is tiny relative to the industrial scale of mining, its footprint is small and sustainable.

Fewer than 0.01% of all diamonds are made with this process. That’s because mining is at least 1,000 times cheaper than this sophisticated technology.

Each diamond grows in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two of our diamonds are alike. Each is unique to the core.

The only difference is origin — and the reassurance that no questionable practices are involved. Mined diamonds generally pass through a dozen owners with an origin impossible to trace, Diamond Foundry stones are guaranteed direct to you.

Most importantly for our customers each diamond is graded by a GIA Gemologist, providing a certified & warranted report of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats according to the strictest professional standards.

We believe in change... To launch our brand, we commissioned a wonderful film showcasing our jewellery and describing our ethos. We are still very proud of it now...
— Jemima Hargreaves