Taking care of your Hargreaves Stockholm Fine Jewellery


A piece of fine jewellery from Hargreaves Stockholm is a lifetime investment in craftsmanship and ethics, designed to be part of your life.

Conscientious care will help to maintain the original finish and may help avoid future repair or costly restoration of your fine jewellery. Hopefully, it may even be passed on from one generation to the next.


Hargreaves Stockholm recommends that you put on your jewellery in the morning and take it off at night before bedtime. Physically demanding exercises may cause unnecessary wear to a piece of jewellery. We recommend that you always make sure to take off your jewellery before house and garden work, cooking, swimming, bathing and sports activities.

To avoid blows to and marks on your jewellery, it must be worn with caution. It is best not directly expose it to rough or hard objects as these may cause damage to the precious metal – examples of these could be other pieces of (gold) jewellery, door knobs, bannisters, garden tools, tools and stoneware and clay pottery.

Keep your fine jewellery in a safe place, in the original packaging that came with the item. Do not put heavy objects on top of jewellery items or next to them as this may cause damage to your jewellery, chains should be stored flat, hung or around a soft element to avoid tangling.

Fine jewellery with diamonds or precious stones should be checked once a year depending on how frequently the jewellery is worn. Wear that may constitute a risk of stones becoming loose or even lost might be difficult to see but is worth checking.


We recommend that gold jewellery without precious stones is cleaned frequently using jewellery care products without abrasives.

All of our gold and silver jewellery is 100 % nickel-free.


Gold and silver are malleable materials, soft enough to be worked easily with handtools. A patina of age and use is part of the natural beauty of a piece of gold or silver jewellery.

Rings are more exposed than other pieces of jewellery. especially the part of the ring that faces the palm of the hand, will be particularly exposed to wear.


All of our diamonds are classified as TW/VS and exquisitely brilliant-cut in the near top-grade classified as “very good”. We guarantee conflict-free diamonds purchased from official retailers in agreement with the resolutions of The United Nations. We strive to use responsibly sourced stones from Australian or Canadian mines where possible and also offer lab-grown stones of the same quality as an alternative to mined stones on request


Hargreaves Stockholm uses carefully selected precious stones by professional gemmologists according to severe quality controls. Each single stone is carefully examined for inclusions, sheen, tone, colour and sizes. Precious stones can be treated during the cutting process; washing, polishing, colouring, heat- or wax-treatment can optimise the appearance and durability of precious stones.

Precious stones are natural products excavated from the Earth. Impurities and variations to individual stones are normal and are characteristic of a natural product. Two stones may share colour tone and shape, but they will never be entirely identical. Hence every precious stone is entirely unique.

Coloured gemstones are fragile and do not possess the durability of diamonds. Even so, in order to avoid scratched, bruised or chipped precious stones and fractured diamonds, jewellery should be worn with care.

Precious stones are easily scratched and can be affected by chemicals, losing their shine when exposed to oils, lotions, perfume, detergents etc. For this reason precious stone jewellery should be gently cleaned with a soft toothbrush and tepid water.