The meaning behind October's birthstone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the newest October birthstone…

The name comes from the Sinhalese word toramalli, which means “stone with mixed colors,” because it often has multiple colors in one crystal. Very few gems match tourmaline’s dazzling array of colors. Perhaps this is why ancient mystics believed it could inspire artistic expression a color palette for every mood.

Jemima loves the peach/copper coloured tones of this stone, it features in our “Stardust” ring shown further down in the article.

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PRESS RELEASE - "Stardust" launches in the burst of a dazzling supernova: Hargreaves Stockholm latest collection

Hargreaves Stockholm dazzles with the night sky’s newest supernova: Stardust

On a clear night sky in The Baltics, the world is illuminated by a blanket of glass like orbs that are over a billion years old. Some created by ethereal explosions; each totally unique. All sprinkling a mysterious magic over any who see them. Reaching up and plucking them from the heavens, Hargreaves Stockholm has taken the luminous cloud of dazzling light and turned it into your own personal Stardust.

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Your Stories: Rachel and Kristian

Not so long ago…

Jemima was contacted by the very lovely Rachel and Kristian with a very special purpose in mind. They had recently got engaged (more about that further down the page) and needed a dream ring designed and made. Hargreaves Stockholm felt very lucky to be involved in the special moment and had the chance to ask a few questions about the couple, their engagement and their custom ring;

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Who are Herr och Fru Lohse? Hargreaves Stockholms’ latest stockist, thats who...

Who are Herr och Fru Lohse and where did we find such lovely people? On Södermalm in Stockholm of course, the hippest part of our lovely adopted city.

Herr och Fru Lohse, Hornsgatan 43, 118 49 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN:

Regular opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 10.30-18.30, Saturday 11.00-16.00, Sunday 12.00-16.00

You can find Hargreaves Stockholm pieces in the store now. We will also be taking part in a special Trunk Show in November with lots of interesting people, drinks, good food and the best music, so do let us know if you would like to come!

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PRESS RELEASE - "Eclipse" celestial alignment in this new collection from Hargreaves Stockholm

On a freezing winter’s day on the rocky edge of the Baltic, the pearlescent moon slowly and softly edged ever closer to concealing the sun. As the veiling took place, the faintest sparkle of wind-blown snow danced with the freezing mist in the magical light, conjuring the image of glittering diamonds.

Eclipse, the new collection from ethical jewellery brand, Hargreaves Stockholm, takes the incomparable glow of this otherworldly phenomenon and shares it, with you.

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The Hargreaves Stockholm guide to major anniversaries by year...

Not sure what you need to get a loved one for a special anniversary? this week we are looking at major anniversaries… and the Hargreaves Stockholm fine jewellery you can choose.

Although giving a gift to mark a wedding anniversary is traced back to Ancient Rome and Medieval Germany, it wasn’t until the 20th Century that a list of gifts was put together. Published in 1922 in her book titled ‘Etiquette’, American author Emily Post recommended a list of anniversary gift themes to overcome the common problem people face as to what to gift each year for their wedding anniversary.

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AdviceJemima Hargreaves
The meaning behind August's birthstone: Spinel

Spinel, which can be found in a variety of colors, gives August babies a host of options when it comes to choosing stone set jewellery aligned to their birth month.

We love spinel for its fantastic vibrant range of colours and toughness, so much so that it’s the centre piece in one of our new Stardust rings. We take a look in more detail at the story of this stone

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PRESS RELEASE - Travel "To The Moon And Back" with Hargreaves Stockholm's new collection

Hargreaves Stockholm has traveled the galaxy to present a new collection that will take you… To the Moon and Back

A celestial body effulgent in the night sky, holding the possibilities of the entire planet and glittering with all its secrets, the moon shines radiantly upon all those who walk beneath it. Join Hargreaves Stockholm on this ethereal journey and adorn yourself in a small piece of the galaxy, with the new To the Moon and Back signature collection.

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Equality: Tolerance, androgyny and sterotypes

Unisex Fashion is becoming more normal. Why is that important? It is important because those blurred lines help equality. They help everyone to become more free to be themselves, whoever that may be. It makes society more fluid and accepting. If David Beckham or Kanye West can wear a skirt just because they feel like it, if Jaden Smith can feel comfortable enough to wear a dress to prom without the fear or becoming labelled in any way, it breaks down barriers, it takes away social stigma. It starts to bring tolerance for all.

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Jemima Hargreaves
All that glitters: Gemstones, atrocities and alternatives

Gemstones are at the root of some of the world's most hideous atrocities. We need to believe there are alternatives and actually find them. We need to stop ignoring what is happening to people and the planet just because they are in a place we can not imagine. We need to demand stones that benefit those whose hands have dug them from the earth and make sure they have adequate pay, health care and provisions in place to ensure their children can be children without being forced down mine shafts. We all need to take responsibility for our corner of the world, the jewellery industry is no exception. 

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Jemima Hargreaves