Jemima Hargreaves

Jemima Hargreaves is an apprentice trained goldsmith, qualified DGA (2005), with 15 years experience in the fine jewellery industry. She has managed generations-old traditional workshops, fast-fashion production and boutique businesses, consulted for some of Europe's longest standing jewellery companies and has created pieces and managed projects for royalty, celebrities and private collectors.

"The fine jewellery trade is steeped in a wonderful tradition, this doesn't mean that it has to stagnate, new possibilities open with every piece of new technology and every new discovery.

It has become clear that a consumer should be assured that products they eat, clothe themselves in and adorn themselves with, are produced responsibly, ecologically and ethically. 

Every industry has a responsibility to look after their corner of the world, the jewellery industry is no exception, regardless of its tradition."