Empowerment - Big Silver Earrings - Big Love

Empowerment - Big Silver Earrings - Big Love


Big hoops to reflect big dreams, ambitions and emotions!

Our Big Warrior Hoops have symbols for Victory and Protection, Big Love Hoops show Love and Home and Big Knowledge Hoops have ancient symbols for Wisdom and Inspiration.

Choose the pair that empowers you from our selection or get in touch with us to mix and match you own.

In ancient times our ancestors used a runic alphabet not just to communicate with each other but carved in to objects to give strength and meaning to their wishes and actions.

Although most people don’t carve them in to swords these days, we have chosen 9 of those symbols to empower you, help you find your inner warrior and communicate your protection, love and inspiration to others.

Partnership in love or business, a feeling of balance. The British often add a small x or two at the end of informal messages to close friends and loved ones. It represents a kiss. That small gesture comes from this most ancient of symbols.

Home, family love, strength, no anxiety and human warmth. To me it is the place against a shoulder where my cheek fits perfectly. The silence of a sleeping house as I creep in from a late flight home and the light left on so I don’t trip over the piles of muddy boots. Little gloved hands in mine. Pulling duvets up under sleeping chins and kissing fluffy heads good night. What or who is home to you?

Material: Fairmined Silver.

Also available in Fairmined Gold

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