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Our materials...

We believe that we need to be responsible in our material choices, where they come from and who is involved in their journey to us, that workers should be paid fairly and we should try to find the most ecological solution wherever possible.

We aim to use Fairmined metals, wherever this is not possible we use recycled metals. We try to choose Fairmined or Fairmined Eco over recycled metals because when refined, recycled metal loses its accountability. Fairmined materials allow us to track the metal from the hands of the miners to your piece of jewellery, the more certified metals we use, the more will end up in the system, as far as we are concerned, that is a good thing. 

The problems with mined diamonds are well documented, human rights and environmental issues, child labour and conflict. There are some truly certified conflict-free sources, such as Canada and Australia, however advances in modern technology make it possible to produce high quality diamonds that rival mined diamonds in a laboratory powered by ecologically responsible sources, we feel this is a more responsible choice.

We do offer mined diamonds from responsible sources on request.

Currently, coloured gemstones have little to no regulation, so wherever possible we choose stones that are grown in a laboratory to our specifications or sourced from Fairtrade cooperatives. We will not buy stones from Burma or from places of known conflict.


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Our metal...

The issues in mining for gold and other precious minerals have been widely reported and discussed: fuelling conflict, environmental destruction, mercury use, health and safety of workers, gender inequality, economic exploitation, impact on communities. There is a growing voice for change from inside the industry and a desire to have a supply chain to be proud of. Artisanal and small-scale mining employs 90% of the workforce behind gold extraction and is responsible for 10% of global production. With the right support and incentives small community mining organizations offer the greatest opportunity for positive social and environmental impact.    

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM).

It is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification and audit system that ensures that small entrepreneurial mining communities meet world leading Standards for responsible practices. Fairmined transforms mining into an active force for good, delivering social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold they can be proud of.


Our diamonds...

Our diamonds are cultivated in a foundry that re-creates the way in which Earth forms diamond. While diamonds generally pass through a dozen owners with an origin impossible to trace, ours are guaranteed from the foundry direct to you.

The diamond production is tiny relative to the industrial scale of mining, its footprint is small and sustainable. The only difference is origin — and the reassurance that no questionable practices were involved.

Our diamonds are very rare. Fewer than 0.01% of all diamonds are made with this process. That’s because mining is at least 1,000 times cheaper to scale than this sophisticated technology. Each diamond grows in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns.

No two of our diamonds are alike. Each is unique to the core. Each diamond is graded by a GIA Gemologist, providing a certified & warranted report of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats according to the strictest professional standards.

Why do we care?

Every industry has a responsibility to look after their corner of the world, the jewellery industry is no exception.