AW17 - Freyr

Many cultures around the world are obsessed with the sun, Scandinavia is no exception. Our inspiration for this epic statement piece is the legend of Gyllenbuste or Golden Bristle, the giant golden boar ridden by Norse god Freyr, bringing light to dark places by the glow of its mane and bristles. A perfect representation of the deep glow of the winter sun over ice and snow, just what you need to bring a bit of colour and sparkle to cold, dark Swedish winters! 

The stunning orange sapphire has been created to this specific fiery colour for us in a laboratory we trust. Complimented by a magical dusting of diamonds in the shoulders to evoke the feeling of winter sun on icy Baltic shores. 

In addition to the solid 18ct gold cocktail ring, a solid 18ct gold pendant, solid 18ct gold earrings and solid 18ct gold cufflinks are available on request.