PRESS RELEASE - "Stardust" launches in the burst of a dazzling supernova: Hargreaves Stockholm latest collection



Hargreaves Stockholm dazzles with the night sky’s newest supernova


To the celebrate the launch of Stardustwe are offering a 10% discount on all of our collections for the whole of October. Apply this code when you have finished shopping.


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On a clear night sky in The Baltics, the world is illuminated by a blanket of glass like orbs that are over a billion years old. Some created by ethereal explosions; each totally unique. All sprinkling a mysterious magic over any who see them.

Reaching up and plucking them from the heavens, Hargreaves Stockholm has taken the luminous cloud of dazzling light and turned it into your own personal Stardust.   

Combining delicate crown settings with one single incandescent diamond or rich coloured stone, each piece is not only dreamlike, but utterly romantic.

Clean lines, with a curvaceous style, the collection comprises of stackable rings, sweet single drop pendants, glittering studs and one showstopping necklace.


The Stardust Ring (from €2,250) offers a smooth, sleek band with a choice of spinel, peach tourmaline or diamond; delectably simple, totally powerful. To add extra sparkle, the signature Hargreaves Stockholm diamond sprinkled setting is also available. 

Classic and elegant, the Stardust Single Stone Earrings (from €1,995) pair perfectly with the Stardust Single Stone Pendant (from €1,425) and are made to be worn together. A favourite for brides, this bewitching duo will leave you starry-eyed and set off the most divine of wedding dresses.

Coming soon for those looking for added drama, a cluster of five bright diamonds come together to create the radiant Stardust Diamond Pendant, which evokes the memory of a brilliant constellation, endlessly travelling the universe.


in the middle of the night, when I would rock my children to sleep, it often felt like only the stars in the sky were awake with me. That never-ending scatter of comforting light always energised me and reminded me I was part of something so much bigger than myself. Stardust is me taking that incredible feeling and giving it to you.
— Jemima Hargreaves

The new collection is lovingly created in recycled gold, but Fairmined and Fairtrade gold are available on request. Hargreaves Stockholm continues to use only ethically sourced gemstones from conflict-free zones, or lab-grown where desired. Diamonds are set to offer the ethereal moonlit glow, but gemstones as varied and rich as a rainbow are available to create your personal piece. Whether it be your birthstone, your favourite colour or just something you take a fancy to, Hargreaves Stockholm is here to create your little piece of the universe. 

Illuminate the dark; be made of Stardust…


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Hargreaves Stockholm

Launched at Stockholm Fashion Week in 2017, Hargreaves Stockholm has quickly become known as a fine jewellery brand with ethics and quality at its heart. Their designs combine clean Scandinavian lines, the smooth weight and feel of solid precious metals and Jemima Hargreaves’ now signature scatter of responsibly sourced diamonds and coloured stones. The feeling of holding something that could be made of magic or even a piece of the stars themselves in your own hand is like nothing else. That connection is created with absolute passion and skill wrought in responsibly sourced 18ct gold and beautifully set with carefully selected diamonds and gemstones in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jemima Hargreaves has been a magpie since birth and still is now, perhaps even more so, loving anything that glitters and sparkles; her favourite and the inspiration for many of the pieces she creates, are the small glass topped boxes of diamonds and stones she has collected over the last 20 years of her career as a Master Goldsmith. Impressive enough on their own, when mixed together the stones sparkle in the Nordic sunlight with their deep and varied rainbow tones, sparking memories of the Swedish coast and forests that Jemima now calls home.

Jemima Hargreaves
Jemima Hargreaves is an apprentice trained goldsmith, qualified DGA (2005), with 20 years-experience in the fine jewellery industry. She has managed generations-old traditional workshops, fast-fashion production and boutique businesses, consulted for some of Europe's longest standing jewellery companies and has created pieces and managed projects for royalty, celebrities and private collectors.