The Hargreaves Stockholm guide to major anniversaries by year...

Although giving a gift to mark a wedding anniversary is traced back to Ancient Rome and Medieval Germany, it wasn’t until the 20th Century that a list of gifts was put together. Published in 1922 in her book titled ‘Etiquette’, American author Emily Post recommended a list of anniversary gift themes to overcome the common problem people face as to what to gift each year for their wedding anniversary.

In most places around the world, a couple’s wedding anniversary is celebrated in a significant way. Important anniversaries could be symbolised by a traditional gift such as paper for the 1st year, diamond for the 10th and silver for the 25th.

Anniversary gifts can differ between countries, but the most common traditional themes and gemstones for each year are listed below; of course we believe that every year is equally important!

Wedding anniversary themes by year


1st Year: Paper or Gold Jewellery.

2nd Year: Cotton or Garnet gemstone.

3rd Year: Leather or Moonstone gemstone

4th Year: Linen, silk or Blue Topaz gemstone


5th Year: Wood or Sapphire gemstone

6th Year: Iron, candy or Amethyst gemstone

7th Year: Wool, copper or Onyx gemstone

8th Year: Salt, bronze or Tourmaline gemstone

9th Year: Pottery or Lapis Lazuli gemstone

10th Year: Tin, aluminum or Diamond gemstone

11th Year: Steel or Turquoise gemstone

12th Year: Silk or Agate gemstone

13th Year: Lace or Citrine gemstone

14th Year: Ivory or Opal gemstone

15th Year: Crystal or Ruby gemstone

20th Year: China or Emerald gemstone


25th Year: Silver or Silver jewellery

30th Year: Pearl or Pearl gemstone

35th Year: Coral or Coral gemstone

40th Year: Ruby gemstone


45th Year: Sapphire or Sapphire gemstone

50th Year: Gold or Imperial Topaz gemstone

55th Year: Emerald or Alexandrite gemstone

60th Year: Diamond


Jewellery is a fantastic gift to mark special moments, most years have a precious gemstone associated to them. For example, you can celebrate your 8 Year anniversary with salt, bronze or with a tourmaline gemstone; this is our amazing 18ct solid gold Stardust ring with a peach tourmaline mounted in our specially designed crown setting, the perfect gift for the one you love!

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