Ethical, Handmade, Bespoke, Wedding and Engagement Jewellery


Your bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery, created without compromise...

With 20 years experience in the fine jewellery industry. Jemima has managed generations-old traditional workshops, fast-fashion production and boutique businesses, consulted for some of Europe's longest standing jewellery companies and has created pieces and managed projects for royalty, celebrities and private collectors.

Your bespoke jewellery will be made by us at our workshop in Stockholm, Sweden using the finest recycled, Fairmined and Fairtrade metals set with diamonds and gemstones from responsible sources.

For us, everything matters, from the goldminer to you the recipient of the jewellery. We ensure full traceability for all our processes and the highest of standards of design. We don't compromise on our ethics, we don't compromise on our delivery to you.

We work with you and your budget to create any piece of jewellery that brings to life your ideas




We may be involved in a very traditional craft, but we can work with you whatever part of the world you’re in: We are equally comfortable designing with you over the internet as we are over the phone or in person.

One thing we know from experience is that it’s good to talk. So if you can find the time to call in to arrange a phone or online consultation, it gives us an immediate connection with you, making it easier to gain clues as to how we might be able to help.

Which ever way you choose to contact us you’ll be greeted with genuine warmth and excitement, by someone who loves what they do and has the experience to help you to get the perfect result.

Contact us now to get started or read more about the process below…




Overflowing with ideas? Or need some inspiration? Either way, we are experts in helping you articulate exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Your design could be something you have seen on our website, something you have seen in a magazine or online, based on a memorable moment, or include something of your life and loves, or perhaps you'd prefer something simple and classic. Whatever your choice we will help you create something timeless and beautiful.

The design process is all about refining ideas, we can help you to make sure your final design is 100% perfect by providing detailed presentation drawings of your preferred option. Detailed draeings provide a record of one of the most special decisions in your life, as well as a sure fire way of getting it right!.



Choosing a Stone


A solitaire diamond has traditionally been the classic choice for an engagement ring. Although they are still popular, times change, trends shift, and each customer that we see has very different ideas about what makes the perfect ring for them.

Choosing your diamond is a fantastic experience in itself: learning how to identify the 4Cs - colour, clarity, carat and cut is a life lesson in itself! Jemima’s experience and qualifications allow her to give expert advice, which could help you avoid an expensive mistake. It's not just as simple as comparing prices between one diamond and another. Every diamond is unique, you need to look closely, take your time, and we guarantee you will fall in love with your perfect stone.


We have a great network of gemstone traders always looking for interesting stones and others specialising in coloured diamonds.

We love to mix and match our stones; a sprinkle of green tourmalines for the local pine forests, purple amethyst for beautiful summer flowers or casting your very own rainbow, we will make sure you have all the options to make the best decision for your bespoke piece


If you want something unusual, we'll be able to source it for you, our customers are often looking for something just a little bit different and we love to rise to the challenge. Once you’ve selected your stone, this will often help both you and the Jemima to refine the detail of the finished piece.

Then we need to look at the different ways we can achieve your perfect piece, for the right budget.




Commissioning a bespoke ring shouldn’t cost you any more than the equivalent quality, ready-made ring on the high street.

We make sure we buy our gems using our in-house experience and obtain the best prices from our metal suppliers. So not only do you enjoy the luxury of the personalised experience to create your unique piece, but you do so knowing that we pass on the best possible value for money to you.

Whatever your expectations about the cost of bespoke jewellery, we know that you’ll want to pay the right price. We work to any budget (within reason), because our satisfaction comes from the delight of our customers- whether your price tag is in the hundreds or the thousands.

If you would like an estimate for your bespoke idea, our designers will be more than happy to help.



Making your Bespoke Jewellery

After we have decided what your ring will look like and a budget it is finally time to have it made!

We will make accurate drawings showing the design from different angles and with all the different processes in mind. This process is exclusively managed by Jemima to ensure that the stone-setter, engraver and polisher all have the information they need to do the best job.

Jemima’s experience means that she will choose the best way to have your ring made, Your piece may be hand forged, created from bullion (precious metal wire and sheet bought from our refiners), made from pre-formed parts, constructed in CAD and then cast, or may use any combination of these techniques.



Its all yours…

Bespoke jewellery is all about beauty, longevity and individuality, so we’ve incorporated all of these elements into the presentation of your bespoke piece. Our beautiful ethical jewellery is sold all over the globe, we’ve shipped glittery things to a whole host of countries; All of them lovingly packaged in our luxury ecologically sourced chocolatey dark walnut wooden box and thick coffee coloured bag all printed with our signature “Hargreaves Hare” logo and tied off with a luxurious orange ribbon, it really is the perfect gift!

We’ve loved making every single bespoke piece and we will have loved sharing that passion with you. More than that, we’ll have loved getting to know you, hearing your story and making something that you’ll love for the rest of your life.

Please, keep us in touch with how the story unfolds. We want to know about the presentation, be it a proposal, a celebration, the big day. We want to see the photos and hear about the funny things that happened along the way. As the years move on, we’ll be here to help you design the perfect eternity ring to go with the wedding ring, or the necklace to celebrate the birth months of each of your children.


Are you ready to get started?